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About us
  Maanshan Hui Zhi Biotech Co., Ltd.is a biological high-tech enterprise, mainly engaged in various biological intermediates research and development, production and sales. Company is committed to the cause of human health, "set of high-quality resources to create high-end b...

Add:Taibai Town,Dangtu County ,Anhui Province

Contact:Ms.Jennifer Li


Tel: (86)555-6682627

Fax: (86)555-6682637

E-mail:  sales@ccbiocp.com




P.C: 243181

What's new
· urgently purchasing chicken bile, buffalo bile and buffalo pancreas 2014-07-17
· cytochrome-c(horse/bovine/pig) 2010-11-25
· suply bovine Heparin sodium 2010-11-25
· Participate 2013 CPHI Shanghai Exhibition in Shanghai 2013-3-15
Special exhibitions
Workshop & Laboratory
  Maanshan Hui Zhi Biotech Co., Ltd. firmly believe quality is our business life and all actions criteria. Therefore, we have raw material procurement, plant production, product release, packaging, transportation and other links are in strict accordance with ISO quality system and GMP requirements to operate. In order to ensure the quality of finished products, from market research, product develo...