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Add:Taibai Town,Dangtu County ,Anhui Province

Contact:Ms.Jennifer Li


Tel: (86)555-6682627

Fax: (86)555-6682637

E-mail:  liying@ccbiocp.com



P.C: 243181

urgently purchasing chicken bile, buffalo bile and buffalo pancreas

      With the development of our business, raw material is becoming more and more important to us. 

     The raw material we need as follows:

1. Frozen chicken bile/gallbladder: 150tons per month,

2. Frozen buffalo bile/gallbladder:  100tons per month,

3. Frozen and fresh beef pancreas:  50tons per month. 


     Honestly welcome ur company provide us the raw material above, we will give a competable price to you.


Thank you!





Excutive manager

Tel: +86-555-6682627


Email: sales@ccbiocp.com