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Workshop & Laboratory
Contact info

Add:Taibai Town,Dangtu County ,Anhui Province

Contact:Ms.Jennifer Li


Tel: (86)555-6682627

Fax: (86)555-6682637

E-mail:  liying@ccbiocp.com



P.C: 243181


   Hui Zhi culture is the soul of HuiZhi cause, it is not only a concept, but also a spiritual one. Efforts to promote HuiZhi culture, its really penetrate into our work, to become the driving force and source of our true. At the same time, so HuiZhi integration of culture in the practice of constantly upgrading and carried forward, it is the bounden duty of every Ebizal responsibility. HuiZhi utilities must be guided in such a culture, based on the Bank, out of the one with customers, and industry, and social co-development. 
  Cultural Management: You must agree HuiZhi the culture and thinking. 

  Company objective: the integration of biological science and technology used in the raising of human life and health of the cause.                   

  Long-term goal: to become the world's leading supplier of biological intermediates. 
  Company credo: feet on the ground, a sound development (the company strive to do well based on the large) 
        Enterprise spirit: vigorous and resolute, fighting spirit, teamwork, competition and win-win;
        Learning, innovation, always seeking, never satisfied, never contending for first place.
        Business philosophy: integrity cooperation and common development and achieve win-win situation.
        Work ethic: with their rivalry, there is no excuse. Any person to do anything must have a high sense of responsibility.

       1, with their focus is constantly hone competing with themselves, to upgrade themselves. 
       2, "no excuse" is embodied in a responsible, dedicated spirit, a kind of obedience, honesty and attitude, a perfect execution.
       What we need is people who have this mentality: they tried every means to accomplish the task, not do my best, but go all out. Nor is it to look for any excuse, even if it seems a reasonable excuse.
       3, to the responsibility of the premise, to the responsibility to seek together, work together to create excellence.
       4, each person must be responsible for their own actions, for others, responsible to the company.
       5, the company responsible for business conduct must be employees of the user responsible, socially responsible. 
       Guidelines: achieve the "three-wide, tri-n, three studies": whole-hearted, full, full-time, right, justice, righteousness, Diligence, love       learning, erudition.
       Talent Concept: Thanksgiving, loyal, hard-working, pragmatic, professional, attitude.
       Talent criteria: adherence to the "people-oriented," because the post employment. Capable, the levels were so, Yongzhe; You-talented   unconventional reuse, Youde was cultured without the use of non-German talented restrictions on the use, non-German non-need not be determined. In order to be of high quality and social responsibility of the person to become Ebizal's true talent.
       Training: Depending on valuable resources for business professionals and is the cornerstone of enterprise development. For the talent to create good working and living environment so that employees grow business (Enterprise to promote staff, and staff to promote enterprise development).
       Compensation Management: The company the opportunity, terms, wages, bonuses and other benefits to employees a fair and open   Anlaoquchou. Performance, responsibility, the risk, work attitude carrying out the principle of distribution of benefits. Every man should endeavor to create a Ebizal than personal income for more than several times the value of material wealth and spiritual wealth.
  Product Concept: The market and customer needs, take the road of scientific and technological innovation, create high-quality products. 
     Quality management: never be the use of substandard materials;
     Never use of non-normal equipment;
     Will never allow non-standardized operation;
     Production of non-compliance will never be products;
     Finished goods inventory will never reach 100% pass rate sampling;
     Manufactured products will never reach 100% pass rate;
     Management objectives: the effective management of business from how to implement and enforcement.
     System management: The purpose is to conduct planning procedures and norms, so that rule-based, methodical