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Contact info

Add:Taibai Town,Dangtu County ,Anhui Province

Contact:Ms.Jennifer Li


Tel: (86)555-6682627

Fax: (86)555-6682637

E-mail:  liying@ccbiocp.com



P.C: 243181


  Maanshan Hui Zhi  Biotech Co., Ltd. firmly believe quality is our business life and all actions criteria. Therefore, we have raw material procurement, plant production, product release, packaging, transportation and other links are in strict accordance with ISO quality system and GMP requirements to operate. In order to ensure the quality of finished products, from market research, product development, supply-side management, warehouse management, resource management, product realization, product testing, sales management, marketing services, process management, strict implementation of documented procedures so as to ensure prevention management to ensure that the product quality. In addition, our quality control department is equipped with advanced precision testing instruments, such as Switzerland, Siber Hegner TLC scanners, gas chromatographs, UV ultraviolet spectrophotometer, electronic analytical balance, moisture analyzer and so on, full-time quality control strictly control every aspect of production personnel. Test data, such as active ingredients, moisture content, iron content, PH value, micro-organisms and other indicators have been full and detailed records, so as to ensure product quality foolproof.