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Contact info

Add:Taibai Town,Dangtu County ,Anhui Province

Contact:Ms.Jennifer Li


Tel: (86)555-6682627

Fax: (86)555-6682637

E-mail:  liying@ccbiocp.com



P.C: 243181


  Maanshan Hui Zhi  Biotech Co., Ltd. is a biological high-tech enterprise, mainly engaged in various biological intermediates research and development, production and sales. Company is located in East China region, adjacent to the ancient capital of six dynasties, Nanjing, is only 300 kilometers away from Shanghai. Company's current products include cytochrome C, the immune iron protein, heparin, bio-pharmaceutical intermediates and other products sold in South Korea, Europe and other regions. Due to the enlarged company is now referred to Join the elite to join our team, to create Ebizal brilliant!

Job: International Department of the Commissioner
Requirements: 2, undergraduate or more, international trade / Clinical Laboratory / Medical / Biotechnology or related professional graduate, English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability to good, more than two years relevant work experience. There are medical or biological class companies trade work experience is preferred. Negotiable treatment.
Title: R & D Head (Manager)
Requirements: 1, undergraduate education, immunization, biological, testing, medical and other related professional graduates, skilled English speaking, and reading and writing skills, more than 3 years laboratory R & D management and diagnostic reagents or related industry development experience. Negotiable treatment.

Note: The above posts are required with good communication, coordination ability, strong sense of team work and sense of responsibility.

Address: Anhui Province Taibai Dangtu County Town
Code: 243,181
Tel: (86)0555-6682627
Fax :(86)0555-6682637
E-mail: sales@ccbiocp.com   


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